RUBI Bahntechnik

Gateway to the Asian market

Thanks to our local employees' wide network and deep knowledge of local culture and regulatory guidelines, we are the ideal partner for providers of rail equipment, systems or special components looking to enter the Asian rail market. We are happy to help you identify potential customers and advise you on how to present your products to them.

Independent consultancy for constructors and owners of railways and systems

Together with you, we elaborate solutions tailored to your needs, focusing on procurement and maintenance costs. We advise you on the choice of engineers and constructors and we are capable of planning entire systems - applying the latest technology standards - and taking over construction site management.

Sourcing of goods and services from Asia

Are you thinking of sourcing goods and/or services from Asia? We have connections to the leading providers of rail technology material in Asia, so that we can establish fast and easy access to cost-saving sourcing solutions for you.

Quality control and audits

You already work with providers in Asia and want to monitor and control the quality on-site? Do you want to avoid sending your staff abroad and save the related costs and absences? We are your regional, trustworthy partner for audits under your company guidelines.